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Yabla Tutorials Player Basic Controls


1)  Can you repeat a caption slowly?

  • No
  • Yes

2)  How many times can you repeat a caption?

  • Once
  • Twice
  • Ten times
  • As many times as you want

3)  How do you hide the captions in a language?

  • Click on the "Loop" button.
  • Hit pause.
  • Click on the toggle button at the right.
  • Hit the space bar

4)  How do you get back to normal speed?

  • Click the spacebar again.
  • Click the turtle again
  • Click "Forward" again.

5)  To slow down the video what do you click on?

  • the spacebar
  • the turtle
  • the "Loop" button
  • the hare

6)  What does the "Loop" button do?

  • It plays the caption slowly.
  • It moves to the next caption.
  • It keeps repeating a caption
  • It goes to the beginning of the video.