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Yabla Tutorials Video List Filters


1)  How can you save videos to "Your Bookmarks" in order to find them easily at any time?

  • By clicking the star
  • By pressing "Repeat"
  • By clicking "Continue Watching"
  • By selecting "Unwatched"

2)  True or false? You can combine filters to search for videos, for example, "Unwatched" and "Oldest."

  • True
  • False

3)  Using the "Difficulty" filter will help you...

  • "find videos at the right level for you."
  • "find a particular title that you're looking for."
  • "filter videos based on topic or genre."
  • "find the newest videos on Yabla."

4)  How do you remove a filter you have selected?

  • By clicking the red "X"
  • By clicking the "Category" filter
  • By clicking the Yabla icon
  • By clicking the small "c"