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Winter Vacation and the Holidays

As we approach the end of December, many people are looking forward to having some time off. The “holiday break," “Christmas break,” or "winter vacation" observed by schools gives students up to two weeks off. Universities may have closer to a month of time off. Workplaces and offices close as well, although not for so long!


It is a time to relax and a time to spend with family and friends. If the weather outside is cold, there are some classic outdoor activities that people enjoy, although you may decide to simply stay nice and warm indoors.


And nowadays Rose and I do down-hill skiing primarily.

Caption 73, Ask Jimmy Carter - Interview with former US president Jimmy Carter

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She could only rest in a corner next to the fireplace,

Caption 11, Yabla Fairy Tales - Cinderella - Part 1

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Many families take time to do activities like baking or cooking together, and also decorate to their homes.


And what's your favorite part of the Christmas dinner?

Caption 13, Christmas in London - People

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But, up until that point we decorate our houses with lots of different things.

Caption 6, Christmas traditions - in the UK

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Many people are also preparing for the holidays and the tradition of exchanging presents:


I like getting presents and sending Christmas cards.

Caption 13, A Charlie Brown Christmas - Opening

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...and then unwrap our presents and all the family will be there.

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Of course, the holidays can be stressful, especially if you are late with the preparations!


So they're looking for their last-minute presents for their loved ones.

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Our Yabla English team wishes you a lovely winter break and holiday season, filled with relaxation and the warm company of family and friends!


Further Learning
Go to the links listed above, or do your own search for Yabla English videos that reference holiday traditions. Another idea: look up the English words for the presents you are giving people this year if you don’t know them already.


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